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The Phone Link experience starts on your Windows PC and the Phone Link app.

Using you can perform variety of tasks such as taking calls, managing notifications, accessing photo galleries, copying and pasting content as necessary, and monitoring and managing notifications. Phone Companion is a software which makes it easy to directly pair an Android phone with a Windows computer. You can lessen the difficulty of utilizing both a PC and a smartphone using the Phone Companion.

Characteristics of

What are the Characteristics of

Following are the some common characteristics that you should know-

  • Easily From one screen to another, drag files.
  • From the desktop screen, we may send and receive instant messages.
  • You can copy and paste content across the two devices with this programme.
  • With the help of the app, you may easily access a number of PC-friendly applications on your Windows PC, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and others.
  • More convenient access to all the files from the smartphone is provided by the PC.

What is required to download the Phone Link app?

Following are the basic requirements that you must fulfil before getting started with

  • A working computer with Windows 10 or 11.
  • Compatible only on Android Phone with 4.4 + versions.
  • Your phone and PC both need to be connect with the same Wi-Fi network.
What is required to download the Phone Link app?
What is required to download the Phone Link app?

How to link phone with

Follow the mentioned below steps in order to link phone-

  1. On your phone launch the app by searching “Link to Windows”. Install the application from the Google Play Store if you don’t already have it. Then select “Add computer” in the app.
  2. You’ll receive the URL from the app. Open this in the web browser on your PC. You will be prompt to select an application in a pop-up window. Click Choose Application.
  3. Press Open Link after selecting Phone Link.
  4. The Phone Link Windows app will launch as a result. To continue with the wizard, click Continue.
  5. A PIN number will be load into the Windows app. Tap Continue on your phone.
  6. Enter the PIN code on your phone, then click Done.
  7. The connection should now be complete on your PC. To complete the pairing, tap Done on your phone and choose Continue on your computer.
  8. To launch the app on your PC, click Get started, followed by Skip. You can choose to read or skip some additional information that will appear.

PROS of Phone Link App

Very easy to set up and connect your phone and PC

Decent UI and clean design